What is the LRS Ice Rink?

The LRS Ice Rink is an outdoor rink located on the southwest corner of Scheels in Springfield. It is a startup launched by the students in the Sangamon CEO program, a one-year study of entrepreneurship for seniors from 10 area high schools. The program is accredited at the high school and college level, and it is managed by iVenturED, an Illinois education non-profit.

Sangamon CEO students raised the funds for the LRS Ice Rink by visiting local businesses, pitching the idea to them, and receiving donations. The rink is named after LRS (Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. – a global computer software company based in Springfield), the title sponsor of the project.

The LRS Ice Rink is fully run and managed by the students. Learn more about the program at www.iVenturED.com or on Instagram @SangamonCEO. Learn more about the ice rink project on Instagram @lrsicerink.

How was this project funded?

The Sangamon CEO students raised donations from local businesses. See our list of supporters here: https://sangamonceo.com/ice-rink/

Who can apply to the Sangamon CEO program?

High school juniors in Sangamon County. Applications to the program are due April 1st: www.sangamonceo.com

How can I skate?

You must purchase your tickets online at this link: https://sangamonceo.com/ice-rink/. Once at the ice rink, show your receipt at the service window, pick up your skates, and have fun skating!

Can I pay in cash?

No. To avoid waiting in line and reduce possible COVID transmissions through touchpoints, you must make your purchases online using your own device.

How long can I skate?

There isn’t a time limit for skating. Please refer to our operating hours.

Can I use my own skates?

Yes. Hockey skates only are allowed on the ice rink.

Do you offer discounts?

Currently, we offer discounts to students, kids ages 10 and under, and healthcare workers. Please refer to our pricing.

Are you closed during bad weather?

Yes. Our ice rink is outdoor and, as such, we cannot operate under bad weather conditions. Please check our Instagram page @lrsicerink for any closures.

How big is the ice rink?

The ice rink is over 3,200 square feet.

Is there a limit on how many people can skate?

Yes. No more than 20 people are allowed on the ice at any given moment. Racing, horseplay, and hockey stops are prohibited. Skaters must follow the traffic (one-directional) while skating.

Do I have to wear a mask while skating?

Yes. A mask covering the nose and the mouth must be worn at all times, including while skating. Other guidelines for social distancing must also be followed. You can review our full COVID guidelines here: https://sangamonceo.com/ice-rink-covid-rules/

Is the ice real?

The ice is synthetic. When skating, the glide is 90% as smooth as on real ice. In other words, skaters will move slightly slower on our ice than on real ice.

Can I rent the ice rink for events?

Currently, we do not have rental options.

Do you have support for kids who can’t skate?

Yes. We have stacked buckets for kids to push for support skating.

Can I make reservations?

No. Currently, the ice rink is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can purchase your tickets online at any time and redeem them at any time within our operating hours, but you cannot reserve a specific time slot.