My name is Folashade Ajenifuja. I am a student at Lanphier High School. I have been involved in different programs to help people around the world and in Springfield. I was a volunteer in the SLipp program (Service Line Protection Program) with their health group. Kids were dying from gunshot wounds and Gang violence, so I volunteered because I wanted to create a safe haven for kids. I, personally, have experienced needing help. My life has been a rollercoaster—more downs than ups—but, fortunately,  CEO is definitely an up. I have found stability in education.

The CEO program  is cracking my shell, little by little. It is showing me what I can do, and it has given me confidence in what I believe in. I can see the behind-the-scenes of the business world in Sangamon County. In CEO, we have a countless number of people willing to give so much to see us succeed.

In the first semester, I have learned that nothing ever comes easy, even when you are at the very top of your game. Everyday in CEO, I have learned something new and met new people. If I were to describe the program, I would say it is the place where you never stop learning and are always searching to work on something you are truly passionate about. It is a program that will always push you to grow. In CEO, I have grown to love everyone; they are just like family. 

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